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Shu Fa



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Chinese writing is a system of pictograms that represent objects and concepts. As a master calligrapher, I immerse myself in feeling what I’d like to depict and then let my emotions flow through my body, arm, wrist, and fingers with brush and ink. I’ve been practicing for 80+ years since age 7, writing several hours a day, composing poems and sending greetings to the people I wish well for.

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Yuan’s Calligraphy Brings

    • Legacy and influence by ways of memos, letters, stories
    • Prosperity to businesses through signage and large wall scrolls
    • Wealth and happiness to families by home decors
    • Personal statements via tatoo and t-shirt designs
    • Excitment with greeting cards and annoucements
    • Health and wellness on the account of tracing clam strokes

Samples of

My Work

It seems like there’s not a day that I didn’t practice Shu Fa (Chinese way of writing). It is my life and soul, brushes and ink are my toys. Let me show you my daily works just from the last several years.





Calligraphy Styles

For thousands of years, Chinese writings are forms of art that interpret literary meanings. Calligraphy is more than applying brush strokes to paper, it evolves as practitioners express distintive characterstics of China’s dynasties from as early as 1500 BC and all the way to modern times. Oracle Bone Script is the eariest known form of Chinese writing, discovered on the bones of animal or on turle shells. Seal Script was the standard formal writing during Qin and Han Dynasties, used for engraving seals. Running Scripts reflects cursive, that characters run into each other. Regular Script is comparably easier to write and reconize, each of the characters is distinctive.



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